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"Error: Cannot assign to read-only property" in delegate

  • Hi,
    Qt 4.8/Sailfish-Ubuntu
    I have two Listviews in QML.
    Both are set via C++ ():
    @rootContext()->setContextProperty("myCheckListHeadings", QVariant::fromValue(clHandling->checkListHeadings) );//data
    rootContext()->setContextProperty("myCheckListItems", QVariant::fromValue(clHandling->checkItems) );//data
    checkListHeadings.append(new CheckListItem(chked, clName));
    checkItems.append(new CheckListItem(chked1, line));
    chked, clName and chked1, line are valid bool(false)/QString values
    Both listviews are filled with the data from C++.
    Both listviews have delegates with:
    (MouseArea) Onclicked:
    @checked is true

    In the first list checked is indeed set to true,
    the second list generates error:
    Error: Cannot assign to read-only property "checked"

    I have seen bug reports on this issue, but it is unclear if it was solved.
    Also strange that one list is working OK, and the other fails.
    Any hints?

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