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Issue with Porting PropertyBrowser framework to Qt 5.1

  • hi all,
    I am trying to port my application to Qt5 and most of the code is successfully ported to Qt5. Currently i am facing an issue with porting the Property Browser framework to Qt5. I have taken the new Property Browser framework code from the Qt 5 source git repository. When i am trying to compile i am getting this error, "invalid application of 'sizeof' to incomplete type 'QStaticAssertFailure<false>" in file qglobal.h when i am using qMetaTypeId() method. The code in qvariantproperty.cpp which causes this issue is given below,
    class QtEnumPropertyType
    class QtFlagPropertyType
    class QtGroupPropertyType
    int QtVariantPropertyManager::enumTypeId()
    return qMetaTypeId<QtEnumPropertyType>();
    int QtVariantPropertyManager::flagTypeId()
    return qMetaTypeId<QtFlagPropertyType>();

    I am able to generate the DLL file using this Property Browser framework by replacing "return qMetaTypeId<QtEnumPropertyType>()" with "return 0". But if i am using like this then i will not be able to use Enum type property inside my Property Sheet. Is there any solution to overcome this issue?

  • Is this the repo you tried:
    Listed on:

    That one worked for me on Ubuntu, Windows, and OS X. But I was getting macdeployqt difficulties in release build.

  • Hi Boyle,
    I have downloaded the new code from the repo which you have mentioned. But the same problem persists. Currently i am trying to build on Windows. I have tried to build "simple" inside the example directory and it shows the same error which i have mentioned above. Do i have to do any modification before building the source code?

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