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Clear the Qwidget window using window id

  • Hi,

    Is there any way to clear/refresh the window (QWidget) by making use of window id.
    this is the code i am using.

    Please help.

    QX11EmbedContainer *Cont = new QX11EmbedContainer;
    qDebug()<<"Cont Addr"<<Cont;
    QProcess *Proc1 = new QProcess(Cont);
    QStringList Arguments;
    Proc1->start(someappproc, Arguments);


    QApplication qApp(argc, argv);
    QString s_WinId(qApp.arguments()[1]);
    WId l_WinId = sWinId.toLong();
    QWidget *temp = QWidget ::find(l_Winid);
    qDebug()<<"temp Addr"<<temp;

    The problem i am facing is , some times the contents(images/video) displayed on the window are not cleared even though the application is terminated.
    I thought of accessing the address and try to use QPalette or something to change the color to black so that the window is cleared, but i am not able to access it from another process , and we cannot do that, i referred from here
    i would like to clear the contents displayed on the window using the s_WinId or l_WinId.

    i found that in the application side they are using "gst_x_overlay_set_window_handle" to embed a window inside another, is there any function available to clear the window using window Id.

  • Any suggestion on this please....

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