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How to analyse remotly from windows

  • Hi,

    I try to use the function of Qt Creator that allow the analyse of a program using Valgrind remotly.
    I installed Valgrind on a Oracle VM under Ubuntu. The connection is correct with putty: I can launch valgrind, it answers that there are no program to analyse. So, no problem.
    But when I try to use the function of Creator : "connection impossible".
    This is the way I do this: I give the host IP, SSH username and password, then the path and name of the exe of softaware currently developt under windows (local). I have a doubt here: the soft to analyse must be local or on the Ubuntu VM ? Must I build the soft under linux to analyse it ?

    I've read nearly every topics about this subject since three days. The documentation of Qt Creator isn't very verbose about this function...

    If this function exists, it must work but I can't find how... I tried to use GammaRay with no more success... Could someone help me ?


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