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A good image format to manipulate vertex directly.

  • Hi,

    I am making an application capable to generate diagrams. The images that I am loading as pieces of the diagrams are SVG files (QGraphicsSvgItem).

    Now, I need to elongate some parts of these pieces (SVG) in order to connect them with others. I ve seen some methods that can help with scaling matters, but thats not that Im trying to do: SVG files consist in a draw with some parts ("arms") that can be elongate (not scaled) by clicking and dragging. Only these parts of the image should be able to do that.

    Maybe, a good solution is replace the SVG files for other format file, where I can obtain the image vertex and handle it directly, but I don't know any good candidate. Or maybe there is something that I can do with SVG. Any suggestion?

    Thank you

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