How show transparent widget over overlay widget?

  • I want to show transparent widget over overlay widget which I give to mplayer.

    I use QMplayer wrapper for it:

    So my code looks like:
    @QMPlayer *m_mplayer = new QMPlayer(this);

    Then I show QLabel over videoWidget(QWidget) with transparent image (SVG). But QLabel use backgroud from mainwindow and not from video.
    I tries to use widget attributes for it, like WA_TranslucentBackground or WA_ContentsPropagated, but without any result.

    How can I force it to use video widget as parent background?

    My english not realy good, so it's hard to explain. Here is example of what I get:

    Linux, KDE

    UPD: the same problem using phonon... So I have nontransparent QLabel over Phonon::VideoPlayer widget.

  • Hello, ~RazrFalcon

    Why, you guys, don't want to search over devnet? There are some forum posts about that. So, solution should be smth like that:
    QLabel *label = new QLabel;

  • I already tries it.
    It did not help.

  • [quote author="RazrFalcon" date="1374160100"]I already tries it.
    It did not help.[/quote]

    Try to set those properties for parent widget and check SVG transparency.

  • SVG is really transparent.
    Setting those options to parent makes no changes.

    Creating an example is useless, because I have only Phonon::VideoPlayer(VLC as backend) and QLabel with transparent SVG on top of it with parent to QMainWindow.

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