• Hello all,

    Recently I started a project which uses qwebview to show html/js pages. Dojo toolkit with dijit widgets is used to visualize things nicely. I want to use this with a touchscreen, but am wondering whether native gestures from QT can be used.

    -I can zoom / scroll / ... the entire frame of a webpage with native QT events.
    -I can emulate zoom/scroll using dojo/touch

    Is it also possible to use native gestures for widgets withing a webframe? (everything within DIV tags)

  • Check about if this document is useful for you:


  • A thanks, i did overlook there is no method QWebview::TouchEvent(QTouchEvent *ev), but only QWebview::event(QEvent *ev).

    Anyway it does not seem straightforward to use these events with a javascript UI. Probably disabling QWebview->setAttribute(QT::WA_AcceptTouchEvents, false) helps to forward gestures to the javascript UI instead of QT framework. I'll give that a try tomorrow.

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