How to create a QWidget with a Tk window as parent?

  • I am trying to embed Qt in a Tk window. After researching I found out that this should be possible with the QWidget::create function, but I haven't been successful yet. Here is what I tried:

    class QTkMainWindow: public QWidget {
    QTkMainWindow(WId win):QWidget() {
    create(win, false, true);

    void open(int argc, char*argv) {
    create the Tk window - win */
    Window w = Tk_WindowId(win);
    QApplication *qapp = new QApplication(argc, argv);
    QTkMainWindow *w = new QTkMainWindow(w);

    The problem is that instead of setting the QWidget's window as the Tk one, I simply get 2 windows.What am I doing wrong?


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