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Looking For QT Video Tutorial From Scratch To End

  • Hi,
    I am a complete newbie here (joined the QT gang today and already lost in info overload :( ).
    So I just installed QT Creator 5.1.0 for GUI projects gonna take place in some of my courses of university.
    Really looking forward to get familiar with the amazing tool and set it up so that I can dig deep. Is there any step by step guideline available (most preferably video)?

    There maybe some more video tutorial related posts around but couldn't find a new one. Sorry to admins.

  • Found one:
    If there is any other please recommend or suggest better :)

  • I like and have found useful the VoidRealms Tutorials, the same person does tutorials on other things, but I have only looked at the QT so far and found them helpful.


  • Thanks alot "mikeosoft":!
    I was watching and following this video instruction

    But I am using QT Creator 5.1.0 and after inputting ui->label->seeText(ui->lineEdi­t->text()); on mainwindow.cpp it gives error when I run the program: D:\QT\mainwindow.cpp:17: error: 'class QLabel' has no member named 'seeText'
    D:\QT\mainwindow.cpp:17: error: 'class Ui::MainWindow' has no member named 'lineEdit'

  • I haven't looked at the video you refer to, but I would guess that the problem is a typo.

    The command you have included there:


    When posting you should include the code elements within the code tags presented on the "Post a reply". formating tool bar, so that it looks better and is easier to read.

    I think it should be:


    That way it would take the text from the lineEdit field you have in your form and make the label widget display it.

    Using the auto complete feature, should help avoid these kinds of problems.

  • Oh didnt notice that code line input option, thanks alot.

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