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Will there be a qt available for the mingw 64-bit platform in the future?

  • Currently there isn't. Will there be one in the future?

  • I'm interested too. On linux exists 32 and 64 bit installation but on windows only for 32 bit. I did some research and found private Qt package compiled on Mingw 64 bit so I supose it is possible. Don't know why Digia doesn't provide it

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    A maintainer for MinGW-builds has provided a 64-bit package you can download:

    [quote author="Kobid" date="1373636583"]Don't know why Digia doesn't provide it[/quote]Because there are way too many possible combinations of packages. For Windows alone:

    3 compiler versions (MSVC 2010 + MSVC 2012 + MinGW 4.8)
    x 2 bitnesses (32-bit + 64-bit)
    x 2 graphical backends (OpenGL + ANGLE)
    = 12 packages to produce

    On top of that, we have to consider the different combinations for Windows Embedded, Linux, Embedded Linux, OS X, iOS, and Android -- Digia supports all these platforms too.

    Each package takes several hours to compile and to run the automated test suites. Each package also needs to be tested by humans before they are released.

    That's why it's not feasible to provide everything.

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