Pyside question pls help

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    I have a QMainWindow. There is one dialog which called on clicking menu. There is a QTreeWidget in the mainwindow. I want to pass that QTreeWidget to the dialog on invoking. Can I do that ?....Please check the snippet.
    self.nvb is the QTreeWidget.
    I am passing self.nvb to the ConfigDialog(self.models.values(), self.nvb, self)
    def setConfig(self):
    dlg = ConfigDialog(self.models.values(), self.nvb, self)
    if dlg.exec

    Now after passing this self.nvb I am trying to access the nvb

    class ConfigDialog(QtGui.QDialog):
    def init(self, models=[], config_nvb=None, parent=None):
    super(ConfigDialog, self).init(parent)
    nvb. // But when I am trying to access nvb none of elements are appearing in PyCharm.

    When in the dialog I am trying to access nvb its elements are not coming. Please help.

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