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How to detect KDE version?

  • Hi,

    Application compiled on Qt 5.1 can't use KDE Oxygen theme. In this case I want to check if application is running on KDE4 and if true then I want apply Fusion Style (which is default in this case) and own palette. But how to check this in runtime?


  • Hi kobid.
    Did you try with QT_VERSION_STR?
    I my case, this
    @qDebug() << QT_VERSION_STR;@
    Hope it util

  • Yes but it return version of my Qt (I'm deploying all Qt libs with my application). I need to know what is a version of KDE. If my application build on Qt5 is running on old KDE then I need to set own stylesheet

  • I'm really sorry. You are right

    For KDE it's KDE::versionString() from kdeversion.h but I can't test it.

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