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Getting "Could Not Run" "No debugger set up" Message with dock widgets example app

  • Using Qt 5.1.0 amd Qt Creator 2.7.2 that downloaded as a bundle.
    Using qmake.exe "C:\Users\RoboSQ\Documents\Qt Projects\dockwidgets\" -r -spec win32-msvc2012 "CONFIG+=debug" "CONFIG+=declarative_debug" "CONFIG+=qml_debug"

    I copied the dock widgets example directory to a new location.
    I changed the build directory path using Projects mode. It built ok when I did Build->Rebuild Project "dockwidgets".
    When I click on icon for "Start Debugging" I get a "Could Not Run" "No debugger set up" .

    What should I do to walk through the app using the debugger?

  • Hi, are you using MinGW or MSVC version?

    if you are using MSVC, have you installed the CDB?

  • I'm so unfamiliar with all this, all I know is I downloaded a bundled Qt with Qt Creator.
    The DEBUG command line I posted above suggests MSVC version (?! doesn't it?! (I'm not sure))
    i.e.- win32-msvc2012 “CONFIG+=debug” “CONFIG+=declarative_debug” “CONFIG+=qml_debug”

    What does the acronym CDB mean?
    I didn't do any special installation other than to install the bundle mentioned above.

    If I have to install a CDB, how do I do that?
    Also, is the dockwidgets example particular to Android?...or is that even a factor in all this?
    ...and if it IS a factor, what must I do?
    I just want to walk through the code using the debugger.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi,

    Console Debugger (CDB), which is used by Qt Creator to debug applications complied by MSVC compiler, is part of Debugging Tools for

    Debugging Tools for Windows is a component of windows SDK or windows WDK, which can be download from.

  • Thank you so much Hobby Entomologist!

    Your concise pointers helped me tremendously!

    I found if one accesses the Help Manual via Help Mode, and then does an index search of "options debugger", a verbose explanation of why and how one needs to install a CDB and Symbol Servers when using Native Microsoft Windows compilers is available.

    Your URL for the download completed the overall solution.

    Thanks again for your help!

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