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Deploying Qt project to Android - project has an exe and dlls, what is the best way to get the dlls onto the android device?

  • Current Qt project has an exe which deploys to Nexus 7 fine. It calls dlls written by us in Qt - what is the best way to get those dlls onto the device?

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    Android is using a different architecture, you need to recompile the application and libraries to linux binaries. Qt 5.1 or Necessitas for Qt4 should do the job fine for you.

  • Evening :-) I have everything built I just do not know the best way to deploy the dlls when the exe is deployed. Other dependencies are being deployed in the resources file but I though dlls could maybe be done through some project settings or something?? (Am using Qt 5.1)

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    Hm, I'm sure they can, but I don't know how. I only tested Qt on Android some time ago with a very small project with no additional libraries.

  • anyway, some step-by-step desctiption about deployment options would be really beneficial for newbies like me... :-)

    I have a running QML app on my dev. Android tablet but I just do not know how/what to deploy.

    E.g. what does the three 'deploy configurations' options in Qt Creator mean?

    • use Qt libraries from the device - I guess it packs just the core apps without Qt libraries and tries to use (pre)installed libs from target device
    • Deploy local Qt libraries - ??? Does it mean that apk will include all necessary libs from building environment, so if apk is installed, app runs fine?
    • Ministro based options looks clear but is it available for Qt 5.1? I did not find any appropriate version...

    What does 'use local Qt libraries' option means there?

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    • "use Qt libraries from the device" == Ministro
    • "Deploy local Qt libraries" == libraries will be bundled together with your app.

    I think I need to refresh my Qt on Android knowledge ;)

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