Raster Graphics System Issue

  • Hi all,

    I am a newbie in Qt. I m facing an issue with drawing. In my application I have 2 windows. one is receiving input from subsystem 1 at the rate of one line per 1.28 secs. The second one receives input from subsystem 2 at a rate of 64 lines per 1.28 secs.

    Earlier I had a problem while drawing second window (I was getting small jumps in between). To improve the performance I used the command setGraphicsSystem("raster") b4 creating my application. Now the second window is able to plot 64 lines at 1.28 secs , but in the first window same line is being plotted on all over the window.

    What is this problem? Can anybody tell me how to solve this? I m using Qt 4.7 and pixmap widget for drawing.

    Thanks in advance

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