Qt Creator example dependencies on OpenGLES/ES2 files

  • I just downloaded and installed Qt Creator (2.7.2 with Qt 5.1.0, 32-bit) on a Windows XP, 32-bit machine which I hope to use to develop a GUI interface for a C/C++ console-based application. The application is intended to run on a Windows laptop. The sensible thing to do seems to be to build and experiment with some of the examples; however every example that I have chosen (either selectively or at random) is dependent on "OpenGLES/ES2/gl.h" and "OpenGLES/ES2/glext.h". I am unable to build any of these examples as my machine doesn't have this directory path or files.

    Do I really need these Open GL include files? Is there a similar set of examples that are not dependent on on the OpenGLES/ES2 files? (Commenting out the #include lines creates a whole host of errors.) Can I simple add the appropriate directory/files to my XP development machine so that I can build and experiment with these examples? Where might I find them?

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