QML signal problem

  • Hi

    I have problem with signals in QML.

    I have QML file like this (which is in DLL file):
    @import QtQuick 2.0
    signal mySignal()
    onMySignal: console.debug("A")
    onSomething: mySignal()

    Then I have another QML file (project) which imports DLL file above:
    @import mymodule 1.0
    onMySignal: console.debug("B")

    Problem is that in my CustomItem signal never gets received ("B" never gets outputed, just "A").
    Can anyone tell me what can cause that odd behavior?

    EDIT: I have noticed that I am not receiving original signals either (for example onXChanged) from QML file in DLL.

  • Never mind.
    It is working now, don't know what happened (I did "clean", and then "build" in both DLL and application).

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