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LIBGCC_S_SJLJ-1.DLL dwarf and sjlj

  • Hi,

    I installed this weekend Qt .1 with the online installer and choosed the mingw48 version. After that I compiled libqxt without error (just the installation did not find any valid file in the documentation directory). Compiling my program with libqxt to use the QxtLogger support works too. But running the program fails. Depency Walker suggest libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll. Grabbing this from results in missing funtions in libstdc++-1.dll.
    How can I use libqxt in Qt5.1? Can I compile libqxt with dwarf than sjlj? Under 5.0.2 everything works fine.



  • Hi, all of you libraries(including Qt and qxt) should be compiled using the same compiler, whether dwarf or sjlj is selected is doesn't matter.

  • Hi,
    I installed Qt 5.1 using the online installer. He brings me mingw48 and I thought, Qt is compiled with the same compiler, isn't it?


  • Yes, Qt5.1MinGW Version is compiled using the 32 bit MinGW-builds (gcc 4.8.0, dwarf exception handing, posix threading) toolchain.

  • Then I did not understand why qxt asks for the sjlj library.
    Both, Qt and qxt, are compiled with the same compiler from wingw48 32bit. :-(

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