Strange debugger behaviour

  • Hello all!

    When I am running my program without debugger it works as expected. But when I try to set breakpoints and step over them with debugger (Qt Creator 2.7.2) the following happens. Here is piece of code:
    @ QList<QVariant> fieldList(record.fieldList);
    if (column < fieldList.size())
    return QVariant();

    When I stop at line 2 I can see that "fieldList" contains 6 items, as expected. "column" is 0. Than I am trying to step over line 2 and getting to line 6
    Q1: why if column==0 and fieldList.size() is 6?

    Also, debugger tells me that "fieldList" is now <not accessible>
    Q2: Was it already destroyed because optimizer decided it is not needed when I am at line 6?

    Than I am hitting "Continue (F5)" button. Boom!
    The inferior stopped because it received a signal from the Operating System.
    Signal name: SIGSEGV
    Signal meaning: Segmentation fault.

    Call stack shows fault at line 3 of ("qgenericatomiv.h"):
    T load(const T &_q_value) Q_DECL_NOTHROW
    return _q_value;

    called from (qbasicatomic.h)
    T load() const Q_DECL_NOTHROW { return Ops::load(_q_value); }

    called from line 2 of ("qrefcount.h"):
    inline bool deref() Q_DECL_NOTHROW {
    int count = atomic.load();
    if (count == 0) // !isSharable
    return false;
    if (count == -1) // isStatic
    return true;
    return atomic.deref();

    called from line 4 of ("qlist.h")
    template <typename T>
    if (!d->ref.deref())

    called from line 6 of my code.
    Ok, I understand abut leaving scope and thus destroying "fieldList". I also know I could use
    const QList<QVariant>& fieldList = record.fieldList;
    and actually I had that before but QList documentation says that copy-constructor creates QList that "is implicitly shared. This makes returning a QList from a function very fast. If a shared instance is modified, it will be copied (copy-on-write), and that takes linear time." And I know I am not modifying "fieldList"

    I had different variations of this code with different appearances of this problem but actually it is all the same three points:

    1. "fieldList" becomes <not accessible>
    2. 0 is not considered valid index in "fieldList"
    3. segmentation fault at the end

    Again, without debugger everything is working as expected. No crashes and correct content in QTreeView. But I sometimes need to step over code to watch something...

    Any ideas will be appreciated!

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