Google Maps in Qt Visual Studio 2012 C++

  • Hi
    I am new to Qt and C++, and I am trying to create a map application using Qt. I have search around the forum as well as other places, and I have found and downloaded the qt-google-maps project:

    I have also installed Qt 5.1.0 and Qt Visual Studio addin 1.2.2. What I want to create is an application displaying the map as well as the GPS position of the user along with the coordinates. I also would like to allow the user to tap/click on the map and add a pinpoint and retrieve the coordinates from there.

    My challenge at the moment is knowing exactly how to import the google maps api for Qt into my Qt5 project in Visual Studio 2012. Also an example of how to accomplish the functionality described above would be much appriciated.

    As I said, I am new to Qt and C++, so explanations in detail would be seperb!
    Thank you for any help

  • Where is already example app in qt-google.maps, you can use it and add your own functionality or look how is it done and do it the same way in your own app + copy paste needed code from qt-google-maps.

    Nobody will do the job for you in this forum. Hire an freelancer if you have no idea how to do it, or start with Qt tutorials and walk through them till you can do it by yourself....

    If you get stuck somewhere in code and need help or suggestion, feel free to ask question here.....

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