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Qt 5.X and KDE Oxygen theme

  • Hi,

    When run application compiled on Qt 5.1 on my linux KDE, default theme is fusion, not Oxygen. On Qt 4.X it is fine. Don't know if this is KDE or Qt fault but Google says that the reason is that Oxygen style on KDE was compiled using Qt 4.X. What does it mean? On all platforms (even windows xp) Qt application look and feel native, but on KDE which is based on Qt too, it has problems. This is sad and ironic. Can this be fixed somehow? Can I just compile Oxygen with my Qt 5.1 and deploy this style with other libs or something? Tried force to use oxygen-gtk but it looks bad.
    I supose that problem disappear when KDE will move to Qt 5.X but this could take months or even years. We will probably have Qt 6.X then...


  • I remember reading ages back that the style file format had changed between Qt 4 and 5 and so it wouldn't work until the KDE team updated. Of course this was about a year ago so I wouldn't trust my memory much on this matter.

  • solved on kubuntu 19.04

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