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Gdb slow in debian 7 testing

  • Hi All!

    I have installed Debian 7 testing with Qt5.1, and i have a problem. When i in debug mode gdb is too slow when i expand expresion in expresions zone, and it don't show errors :(

    Somebody know about this?

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    Which version of gdb is that?

  • Hi Tobias:

    my gdb is in version 7.6.3 ,32 bits into debian 7 testing 32 bits

    I have reinstalled debian some times and the result is the same. :( and, i have tested in other gdb versions as 7.6.4 from debian SID repositorie and the result also is the same.

    I use linux kernel 3.9.1pae with kernel-headers installed.

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    Gdb 7.6 does have a bug that makes it really slow (a bug report claimed that some symbol lookups are 150 to 300 times slower than with 7.5).

    Downgrading will help, but a fix is available in the mean time. At least I do not find it slow on my arch box... (gdb reports version 7.6 here, without any patchlevel)

  • Hi Tobias

    I try to install gdb in a minor version and will wait for bug is solved.

    Thanks for your answer.

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    Just double-checked: While my system gdb is 7.6, I am actually using version 7.5.1 with creator.

  • I have tested in gdb 7.4 from Debian Stable repositories with same problem , when I do expand expresions, it delay arround 30 seconds i think it's too slow. I think no differences with gdb 7.6. I have tested it in debian 7 testing with Qt 5.1 and qt-creator 2.7.2

    I need use Qt5.1 for have dead keys in Qt

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