QML text rendering performance unacceptably slow

  • Hi,

    I've been using QQtQuick2.0 for a few months now to write a desktop application for use under Linux.
    It's working great, I'm very impressed with what I have so far.

    However, as soon as I add some text to a scene, the performance drops severely. I can use complex animations on large images with transparencies very smoothly, it's specifically text that's the problem. Hiding the element that containts the text immediately fixes the speed issue.

    I'm using QtCreator 2.7.1 with Qt 5.0.2 under Kubuntu Linux 13.04.

  • Have you tried Qt 5.1 yet? There are a lot of functionality for desktop applications with Qt Quick. In addition we have significantly optimised text rendering of large blocks of text.
    You could also experiment with changing the renderType property to Text.NativeRendering to see if it has an impact on performance

  • Hi,

    Thanks, setting the rendertype to native fixed the problem!
    I'm not keen on trying to install a separate Qt from the one that comes from the Ubuntu repository, which lags a bit behind. Nice to know there's some performance gains still to come.


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