[Solved] Qt Creator doesn't compile project

  • Hi all,

    I cannot compile my project with Qt Creator 2.7.2 and Qt 5.1.0:

    Could not start process "/usr/bin/qmake" /home/dynup/Project/Project.pro -r -spec linux-g++
    Error while building/deploying project Project (kit: Qt 5.1.0)
    When executing step 'qmake'

    I don't know what is the problem! Everything (Qt versions and kits) is configured correctly. On command line it works!

    Any hints?


  • your sure that qmake is qmake-qt5, you can check in preferences

  • Check your kit settings. The settings will be on an "old" version of qmake and not your new 5.1.0. Did you install two version?

  • With Qt Creator 2.8.0 it works now! I don't know why, but thanks anyway!

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