Style WYSIWYG Editor

  • Hello,

    I'll start in August an application that would need dediated style depending on the user/customer.

    I have read documentation about way to define QSS and then apply to the widgets localy or globaly to the application.

    Is there any WYSIWYG editor that could be used to edit the styles?

    What I would like is :

    • Launch my application
    • Launch the editor
    • Modify a file on the file system
    • When saving the file, my app reload it and apply modification to current displayed items


  • in Qtcreator 2.8.0 and in previous versions, you can edit your forms in WYSIWYG. In development time ,it shows standar controls without syle qss but, if you select tools ->formeditor -<preview in -->fusion style in QtCreator menu, you obtain a form exactly it's showed in execution time with qss syle..

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