Extract frames from mp4 video

  • Hello,

    in order to generate a thumbnail of a video file (mp4 h264) I want to extract a single frame from it. Then I will show the picture in a qml page.

    I wonder which is the best way to extract such a frame using Qt or qml. May you put me on the right path?

  • Hi. I have implemented ffmpeg to extract frame or to produce an mpeg file but is not a quick way.
    Is this very important for you? Have you considered to use an external program if it exists?

  • I hoped was enough to load the video into a (hidden) container (e.g. MediaPlayer) seek() a position and grab the current frame as an Image.

    I may use an external program, but it would be a nice feature for my application.

  • I easily solved using a Video element instead an Image one. Then I just paused the video. Quite ugly but it requires one line of code.

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