QtCreator doesn't accept Q_PROPERTY syntax with MEMBER keyword

  • Hello!

    As the title says, if I write the following code snipper in a C++ class, both QtCreator 2.7.2 (bundled with Qt5.1.0 final) and QtCreator2.8.0RC (built with Qt4.8.4) display the warning "expected )' beforeMEMBER'" on the line I declared the property and underlines it in red.

    Am I doing anything wrong or is it a bug?

    Here is my code:

    @class SH_InOutState : public QState
    Q_PROPERTY(QString output MEMBER m_output NOTIFY outputChanged)

    SH_InOutState(QString output, QString name, QState *parent = 0);
    void outputChanged();
    QString m_output;

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to have a look at this :-)

  • I second this question. I am facing the same problem.

  • Moderators

    If the code works, you are not doing anything wrong. Qt Creator probably does not know about this keyword yet.

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