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Can (HTML5+Qt Quick+CPP) and (QML+Qt Quick+CPP) applications coexist in ONE Qt project?

  • I'm using Qt Creator - 5.0.2. Can we have 2 applications (HTML5+Qt Quick+CPP) and (QML+Qt Quick+CPP) in SINGLE Qt project? If yes, do we need to configure .pro file to execute the required type app selectively?

  • Do you need two executable files or is it good enough to have just one?

  • Thanks for the response.

    By default, there is one entry point i.e. main.cpp in Qt Project (irrespective of type of the project). Thus, there will be one executable file.

    In my case, I wish to have 2 entry points i.e. 2 executable files.

    One executable when invoked should show HTML5 interface and its related functionality.
    Other executable when invoked, should show main.qml related UI & functionality

    Is this possible in one Qt project having single .pro file in application root? If yes, how to configure project.pro file instructing to execute file1, file2 selectively?

  • I've got the problem resolved.

    Created a parent folder and put the QML-UI contents, HTML-UI contents in 2 separate folders under parent folder.

    Created a DuoApp.pro in parent folder having following content and it worked as expected by giving the facility to select app to run and also by creating 2 separate .exe files as entry points.

    TEMPLATE = subdirs
    CONFIG += ordered


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