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OpenGL in Qt 5.1

  • Hi, I'm little bit confused about OpenGL in Qt 5.1 (VS 2012 x64).

    Now I'm using multiple QGLWidgets (shared context, core profile 3.3) and the deprecated classes for shaders (QGLShaderProgram) + GLEW library. Now I'm thinking about rewriting the app using new Qt OpenGL support.

    First I'd tried to replace QGLShaderProgram with the QOpenGLShaderProgram, but I have a problem with my geometry shader. The app is working correctly with QGLShaderProgram, but not with the QOpenglShaderProgram. When there is a geometry shader in usage, glGetError() return invalid operation (no error during compilation and linking).
    Thats really strange. Could it be a conflict between GLEW and the QtOpenglFunction table?

    Second question is about the QWindow class. Should I replace the QGLWidgets with QWindow? There are about 3 QGLWidgets in my app (one central and two in QDockWidget). They share the context (textures, shaders, ...)

    Thanks for help

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    Possibly you are using an Angle build of Qt and trying to use OpenGL >2.0 functions? You probably need to compile Qt with "-opengl desktop" option.

  • No,

    BTW I've reported it as a bug:

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