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Create a Button(Hardware) Click Event Listner

  • I am trying to implement a small app which gets the input from an external button (hardware). So I think I can use socket or other preferred way to communicate with the application. I have no clear idea with these hardware this domain even if I have a fair knowledge in basic QTprogramming. Please help me on this issue. (I don't want to embed the qt. Just try to listen to the external hardware signals) Thanks!

  • Hi and welcome to
    Your question isn't really clear. Oke, you need a signal if a button is pressed and that button is some kind of hardware, that is clear. Now, what devices is running the app? What Qt do you use? How do you want to "connect" to the hardware button? If these questions are answered we might be able to help. If it is a mobile device, please move this thread to the "Embedded and Mobile" forum.

  • Hi Jeroent,
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    Actually My app is for Photobooth application.
    When someone clicks the button and need to wait for a few seconds and he/she can pose on camera while the camera is getting ready. I am going to create this app using QtQuick (or preferred) and it is a Desktop application.
    I hope to connect the hardware button through USB or any other easy way. We can use mouse button or keyboard key instead of such a button.

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