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Deploying on Ubuntu with Image Plugins

  • I've got a PhotoResizerQt application that I've built for Windows and want to build an installer for Ubuntu [And other Linux Distros].

    I'd like to use either:


    or another GUI package builder.

    Has anyone done this?

    Can you point me to procedures ?

    for including plugins etc.? Same procedures as for Windows?

    Program Icons?

    Adding to Application Menu?


  • I can only speak for the plugins: The same rules apply on all platforms, so you'll have basically to do the same as on windows.

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    Installers are not really common on Linux, better create a set of packages for the distributions you want to target.

    Basically you need to make sure all the files end up in the right places and that all the libraries you need are listed as a dependency of your package. Do not install a private copy of Qt!

  • Thanks. I guess I was asking for a link to pages that give guidance about how to decide where the right places are.

    I'll keep studying the problem. Currently my prime target is Ubuntu.

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  • [quote author="windyweather" date="1294161756"]Currently my prime target is Ubuntu.[/quote]

    Then creating a Debian package (.dep) would definitely the best choice (google will point you to some sites with detailed infos). If you want to make your users really happy, then set up a package repository they can add to apt/sources.list.

  • If your application is suitable for small devices (phones) you can try to install Nokia Qt SDK and make a package for maemo. Maemo uses debian packages and the SDK will jump start them for you. After you have the first one figure out making a ubuntu debian package will not be hard. You actually will find some good documentation on that will apply to debian packages in general.

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