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How to know what plugins are needed by your application for deployment (Qt5)?

  • Unlike the most important dll's the application will start without some plugins loaded. However, is there anyway to get the list of all plugins needed for every function in your application?

    I'm not specifically loading plugins either. These are plugins needed by function calls to things in Qt's modules (core, gui, widgets, etc). So think standard project with nothing special.

    The official documentation doesn't address this problem. Google searching didn't help either.

    I don't want to have to manually test every feature of my application to find what can fail. It would be nice to know ahead of time every dll that will be needed.


    For a concrete example lets say I have a QPixmap class and I want to save it to an image. If I try to do this without the proper imageformats/q*.dll available then the function call will fail (return an error code). However, this is a run time error that happens after the application is already open and running. The application doesn't crash either. The function call just fails.

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    because of the dynamic nature of plugins you wont have a chance.

    But for example when you work on windows you can once use every feature in your application and use "ProcessExplorer": to check which plugins are loaded.

    Or to be sure just deploy the whole plugins folder with your application, but i guess thats not an option to you?

  • That's what I'm doing. Since its only about 4 MB more who cares. My whole installation for my app is about 500 MB anyway.

    Haha... sigh

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