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[SOLVED]qt creator 2.7 crash

  • Hello guys after i added a big html source in plantextedit
    qt creator crash when i load the project and its leave the following error:
    Segmentation fault
    *solution: *
    I have downloaded the latest release 3/7/2013

  • You cannot have a Qt creator crash as announced in your title, since there is no Qt creator V5.0.2.

    You have probably installed the Qt bundle from top of download page. This bundle consists of Qt libs version 5.0.2 plus Qt creator V2.7.x.
    Qt creator is an IDE for editing and designing. Qt creator uses also a version of Qt libs.
    Qt libs is the stuff you link to your application.

    It looks like something is wrong in your program (your source) based on the little information you give. Provide more information, crystal ball reading will not help.

  • the qt creator yeah..
    when i used change plane text for pasting lot of html elements in plane text edit then i went to the source code and the program crash.
    if you still don't understand me ill make a video.

  • You got two options.

    • Try out the brand new release of Qt as available since about 1.5 hours. This might have already a cure to your problem.
    • Checkout on "JIRA": if there is already a bug report and its status. If there is no report yet, file one.

  • okay thanks i am downloading it now.

  • Problem is fixed by downloading the latest release

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