Qt 5.1.0-rc1 Windows 8: Qml plugin cannot be loaded

  • Hello,

    I wrote an application for linux and windows platforms. My development platform is linux - everything compiles fine and works as expected. Now I've compiled my project with msvc11 under windows 8 with no compile errors. When I start my application through the .exe file or the qmlscene.exe, I get an error, that my custom qml module cannot be loaded...

    my steps on linux:

    cd /to/project

    qmake CONFIG-=debug CONFIG+=release


    cd gui

    export QML_IMPORT_TRACE=1

    qmlscene main.qml

    relevant output:
    QQmlImports(file:///path/to/myproject/gui/main.qml)::importExtension: loaded "/path/to/myproject/plugins/qmldir"
    QQmlImportDatabase::importPlugin: ".path.to.myproject.plugins" from "/path/to/myproject/plugins/libQmlPlugin.so"
    Module '.path.to.myproject.plugins' does not contain a module identifier directive - it cannot be protected from external registrations.
    => My application runs fine...

    my steps on windows:

    • open Qt developer console
    • call vcvarsall.bat in msvc dir

    cd /to/project

    qmake CONFIG-=debug CONFIG+=release


    cd gui


    qmlscene main.qml

    relevant output:
    QQmlImports(file:///C:/path/to/myproject/gui/main.qml)::addFileImport: "../plugins" 1.0 as "" QmlImports(file:///C:/path/to/myproject/gui/main.qml)::importExtension: loaded "C:/path/to/myproject/plugins/qmldir"
    QQmlImportDatabase::importPlugin: "C:.path.to.myproject.plugins" from "C:/path/to/myproject/plugins/QmlPlugin.dll" file:///C:/path/to/myproject/gui/main.qml:5 plugin cannot be loaded for module "C:.path.to.myproject.plugins": Cannot load library C:/path/to/myproject/plugins/QmlPlugin.dll: Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden.
    => I'm not sure, why the last message is in my native language, but qmlscene.exe doesn't start.
    I've tried:

    • a lot tips from google, which ended in a new project (files-and-path) structure. Copied the new sources back to linux, compiled them and started the project - everything works fine!
    • set QML_IMPORT_PATH=C:\path\to\myproject{gui,plugins}

    • set the include path parameter from qmlscene.exe (-I)

    Any suggestions?

  • My current project structure looks like this (similar to the TimeExample):

    @- MyProject
    - Bin
    - MyProject.exe
    - Gui
    - main.cpp
    - main.qml
    - gui.pro
    - Imports
    - Core
    - my widgets, scripts, ...
    - qmldir
    - MyQmlPlugin.dll
    - MyQmlPlugin
    - my sources
    - myqmlplugin.pro@

    I also added the following line to my main.cpp:
    A qDebug() on the import path list shows me, that my path is included...

    Everything compiles and run fine --- !!! on my linux box !!! ---.
    On windows everything compiles, too. But on starting with MyProject.exe, "qmlscene main.qml" or QtCreator, the application quits with the following error:
    @file:///C:/MyProject/Gui/main.qml:2 plugin cannot be loaded for module "Core": Cannot load library C:/MyProject/Imports/Core/MyQmlPlugin.dll: Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden.@

    Any hints? Or is this a bug?

  • i've pushed the current project to "bitbucket":https://bitbucket.org/cidxxiii/lotti

    can a windows developer help me to figure out, why the project doesn't run on windows, please?

    (the required boost binaries can be found "here":http://sourceforge.net/projects/boost/files/boost-binaries/1.54.0/

    thanks for your help!

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