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QMediaPlayer Problem

  • Hello,

    I am using QMediaPlayer to play wav files in my application and everything is working fine when I run my program from QtCreator in both debug and release mode. But When I deploy it and I run the program it won't play the files anymore.

    I have included the following Qt dlls with my executable:


    Does anyone know if I am missing something else to make QMediaPlayer work properly ?
    I tried looking at the application output when running the application outside QtCreator and I am getting this warning that I'm not sure what it means or if it relates to my problem or not:

    [6520] Cannot create accessible interface for object: QPushButton(0x6882d8)


  • Moderators

    this may be a known "bug":
    Do you encounter any performance impacts?

  • No, in my case since I don't have any significant performance loss other than the problem that playback of a file won't start only when my program is run outside of QtCreator.

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