Blinking QML animation on slow computer

  • I'm trying to make programm for POS terminal (builed on Intel Atom 525) and I try to use Qt version 5.1.0-r2 (linux version x86, precompiled)

    Program on normal computer (or laptop) runs great, but on the POS is blinking
    Here is video: (sorry for the video from the camera)

    The only interest advice I found, is the selection of the graphics system like this:
    @QApplication :: setGraphicsSystem ("raster");


    1. In help said
      *The following class members are part of the Qt compatibility layer. We advise against using them in new code. *
    2. QApplication, which have following method, needed only for widgets (QML uses QGuiApplication)
    3. And, Qt 5.1.0 still says he does not see this method at all

    Can anyone advise - where to dig it?

  • Almost looks like a double buffering issue, but not so sure, since the flickering screen seems to be an entire white screen in your case...


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