QMediaPlayer / QVideoWidget makes QX11EmbedContainer disappear

  • Hi gurus!

    • Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit
    • Qt 4.7 simple desktop application

    I am using QStackedWidget to display
    in one page: the QX11EmbedContainer
    in another page: QMediaPlayer/QVideoWidget.

    Embedding with embedClient works fine. Than(a couple of seconds/minutes later) in the other page I am creating the QMediaPlayer/QVideoWidget with

    @ QVideoWidget *widget = new QVideoWidget();@

    It works fine as well, video is playing fine, however, when I switch back to the page with the QX11EmbedContainer it is gone, disappeared. Not the Object, it is just invisible. No repaint, show, refresh geometry function work.
    I figured, that just the line where I construct the player object makes the QX11EmbedContainer disappear (not playing the video or such), when I uncomment it and do not use the object, QX11EmbedContainer is working fine.

    Can you give me any clues why these two do not work together?


  • Well it is not a scientific approach from my side, have mercy, but it brought me further.
    I did the following:

    1. initialized
      @QMediaPlayer/QVideoWidget @
    2. and than did
      @embedClient(m_sXID.toULong(&ok, 16))@
      and it worked fine than.
      If I do it the other way around embedded application disappears.

    I will post if I find out why it is so.


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