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[SOLVED] QtQuick won't start (or starts with blank screen) due to grafic card

  • Hi,

    i have a QtQuick applications that is built on the Qt 5.1 (with Layouts & Controls). My app works fine some computers but don't work on others ( The previous app version (Qt5.0.2) works good on all these computers ).

    I have noticed that because the new version won't start on a computer which have a (Mobil Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family) and when i removed the driver the app works but there is a blank screen. I have also reinstalled the driver and maked some change to make it work with the driver but there is also a blank screen.

    Notice: The application works good with the blank screen when i click on some buttons but i don't see nothing.

    Can you help me please ?

    Thank you.

  • Which platform is this? If it is windows, you could for instance try using the angle builds which have more reliable graphics drivers.

  • It is windows and i can't find an angle build for Qt 5.1.

    Someone adviced me to try compiling from source so is that simple & have you a good wiki for that ?

    Thank you.

  • The angle build is simply the precompiled packages that do not have -opengl in the name.

  • For Qt 5.1 i don't find a mingw precompiled package without *-opengl *in the name. And i don't have an MSVC Licence.

    Is MSVC included within the precompiled package ?

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    No, the Qt Project cannot include MSVC for legal reasons.

    However, you don't need an MSVC licence -- you can download Visual Studio Express for free from Microsoft. Or, if you don't want the Visual Studio IDE, you can download the Windows SDK, which contains the same compiler.

  • Thank you.

    I have installed a Qt 5.1.0 version with MSVC 2012 and without opengl.

    I have also installed Visual Studio Express 2012 and configured the compiler with Qt Creator.

    Now the application works but still the same problem i have a blank screen and the application and i can't click the buttons that i know the emplacement as in the MinGW version.

    Have you an idea ?

  • The application works now.

    I was opening the application through a shared folder on the network.

    After i have copied it to the computer it works good with the MSVC version without opengl.

    I have also copied the MinGW opengl version but it has the same problem (blank screen).

    So the problem was really due to opengl.

    Thank you.

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