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How to create MDI application using QtQuick 2.1

  • Hi all,
    I'm new Qt users and comming from another desktop development environment; how to create MDI application interface with few child windows using only Qt Quick 2 and QML with proper geometry like sample by by Titta Heikkala in C++;
    Thx for any response

  • There is no built-in MDI support in Qt Quick so you would have to implement that yourself if you need a pure qt quick solution. You can however use QMdiArea in C++ and embed Qt Quick scenes into the child windows by using the new QWidget::createWindowContainer()

    Note that I believe there were some recent issues related to this fixed after 5.1 RC (which should be available in RC2 shortly).

  • Thx Jens,
    I believe too that this and some other issues will be fixed later;

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