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[SOLVED] Qt Designer

  • Hi everyone,

    I am completely new to QT and was wondering whether you coul help out with the following.
    We would like to use QT for HMI type GUI development and Qt Widgets might be enough for what we want.
    I seem to undsrtand that there is something called "Qt Designer" available.
    A Qt designer file has a ".ui" extension and the source is xml.

    As it looks reasonably intuitive, my questions (I will read the manual so this is just to try and speed up the learning process) are:

    1. Does this xml file integrate into a c++ project? I mean, do I still attach functionality to these controls by coding them in C++?
    2. Would I be able to add to a dialog box fancier controls such as dials and gauges? Do the widget classes provide this functionality?

    Many Thanks

  • Hi,

    Welcome to Qt World.
    For both question answer is YES; to discover HOW do these thing you MUST read Documentation.

  • Hi maxg0,

    I am also new to Qt, but I've already tried Qt Designer to create a few test interfaces. So far, my impression is that its functionality can be at best described as limited. Maybe it's just me, but I had to repeatedly edit xml manually to get the effect I wanted to achieve. A number of functions, which seem to be reasonably common are absent (for instance, action groups are not supported).

    I guess that Qt Designer is fine for simple things, but I would not use it for something serious. At this moment, I decided that it is more efficient to write the UI code manually, especially considering the fact that it will be generated by uic anyway.

  • Obviously I don't agree!

    Designer is what name says: only a Designer; it do all you need to build also complex UI.
    There are things you must write manually but, if you become expert on Qt and Designer, this is needed only in few situations.

  • Well, I am happy that Qt Designer works as a primary tool for you. Maybe I am not grokking it so far, but I run into its limitations too often. I'd rather write UI code directly than fiddle with Designer xml to achieve the same effect.

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