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Problem with Qt Creator editor after downgrading Qt Libraries

  • I needed to downgrade my project from Qt5 to Qt4 (4.8.4 exactly), and now i got a little problem with editor.

    I have found and installed all that Qt4 needs (MinGW 4.4 and Qt 4.8.4 from qt-project download page). Then i configured Qt Creator to build it (paths to compilator, qmake, sysroot of libraries etc). Compilation of project works like a charm.

    The problem is - editor can't see any files from Qt library. For example:
    QPushButton: No file or directory

    I tried to manually set up path to includes, but it makes absolutely no diffrence
    INCLUDEPATH += "C:/Qt/4.8.4/include"

    My pro file looks like that:
    @QT += core gui

    TARGET = SudokuComplex
    TEMPLATE = app

    INCLUDEPATH += "C:/Qt/4.8.4/include"

    #my project files@

    I'm looking for solution to that problem. I'm using Qt Creator 2.7.0 that has been packed with Qt 5.0.2 (so it has its default configuration). Is there any way to set path to Qt Libraries to an editor?

  • Are you cross-compiling? According to this page:


    you should leave sysroot blank unless you are cross-compiling. Maybe that will solve your problems. Also I don't think you need this line in your pro file

    INCLUDEPATH += "C:/Qt/4.8.4/include"

  • Removing sysroot helped. Thx!

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