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Qt 5.1 Qt Quick 2 UI with Controls

  • I am still new to QT.

    Today I download QT 5.1 RC1 to explore the new Desktop Controls.

    There is a "Qt Quick 2 UI with Controls" project template. I use that and it is only one qml files there. My question is that for this type of project, could I add C++ file to it? All other templates, I cannot use new Desktop controls. Anything I did wrong?

    I would still like to have both Qt and C++ work together. But I like to use the new Desktop controls.


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    Use "Qt Quick 2 application" template. As long as you use Qt 5.1 to build the project, Controls will be available to you.

    Using C++ with QML is always possible.

  • Thank you for the reply.

    But could you be more specific? What do you mean use Qt 5.1 to build the project? I download the Qt5.1 RC1 and use the Qt Quick 2Application template. Compiler is mingw32. I look at the Project setting (under Build & Run). I could not find a setting which specify to use Qt 5.1 to build. I could see if there is a setting for 5.1 library. How do I setup to use Qt 5.1 to build?


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    So you are all set up good. It should work. Just include QtQuick.Controls 1.0 in your QML code.

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