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Qt Creator Debugger Running Really Slow

  • Hello,

    When debugging it takes about 15 seconds to step from line to line of code, I'm not sure why it's running so slow. I read online something about the debugging symbols being loaded from the internet, but I assumed that they would be downloaded once to a cache and saved (and read from there). When checking the options and clicking on debugger and then the CDB tab I see under paths there is 1 symbol path and no source paths. The one symbol path reads:


    According to the help/about menu, I'm running Qt Creator 2.7.0 Based on Qt 4.8.4 (32-bit). My machine is running Windows 7 64-bit version. If anyone can help that would be great...the speed of the debugger makes it impossible to use.


  • Ah, the 64/32 bit Win7 debugger stuff.
    When running the 32 bit in QtCreator some guys suggest to use the 32 bit debugger of your CDB (Microsoft debugger tools) or otherwise the 64 bits debugger. Sorry, forgotten which one is which because the MinGw Qt came I out, I switched to that.
    Just check it out, but when installing the CDB you will get two folders, one for (you guessed it) 32 bits and an other for 64 bits.
    In QtCreator when you go to the projects->Options->Build and Run tab you can select the debugger you want for every kit available. Change the CDB engine into the other folder and you will probably have a smooth running debugger. If that doesn't work, switch to MinGw ;-)

  • such as :

    don't use srv symbols

    change as

  • In my case the problem was solved by switching to compiler from "Debugging Tools for Windows (x64)" directory.

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