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Dynamically Syntax Highlighter

  • Hello :) I want to ask again for yours help :)
    In my project to university, I'm creating somthink like editor to webmasters who will support few language like php or javascript, and I have little question about QSytnaxHighlighter :)
    In example of this beautiful is use only static highlight, so if user will enter some data from keyboard, this data will be don't higlight. So I think that somethink like that will be good solution

    @connect(editor,SIGNAL(textChanged ()),this,SLOT(rehighlight ()));@

    but this will take much more memory than I except... so i wanna know, is a another way to do that?

  • The highlighting as in the example (Qt Sources/examples/richtext/syntaxhighlighter) is dynamic. As soon as the user enters text, the highlighting is adapted. Also, there is no connect() necessary if you set up the highlighter with the text document.

    The "Syntax Highlighter Example" has some more explanations.

  • Oh, I'm sorry, I must miss that in this Example, but I have another question. Can be QSyntaxHighlighter used with QPlainTextEdit ? If anwser is yes, How can to do this? Because QPlainTextEdit is a Widget and only constructors are:
    @QSyntaxHighlighter(QObject *parent);
    QSyntaxHighlighter(QTextDocument *parent);
    QSyntaxHighlighter(QTextEdit *parent); @

  • You should used the second one, with editor->document() as a parent.

  • yey, it's work's :) thanks, I'm very greatful for yours help :)

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