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Qt Linguist source code not available

  • Hi everyone
    I'm here on the forum because I have a little problem of localization. I designed my interface in Qt Designer and all the texts I put in the UI with this tool is not found by Qt linguist.
    What I do is a lupdate in visual studio and in Qt Linguist i find MyFileGUIClass with 0 items, in the "source and forms" pannel there is "source code not available".
    I don't know how to make things work.

    Someone to help me?

  • Moderators

    Are your string properly marked for translation with tr()?

  • MyFileGUIClass is a ui file generated by QT Designer (I can change it but it will be erased each time I change my UI). All the strings are declared with QApplication::translate()

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    All the forms are in qmake's profile, too?

    Some UI elements like tooltips can be turned off when it comes to translation (see Translatable property), but by default they should all be there.

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