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Qt and Flat Design

  • Hello,

    I am starting a new project and I would like to make a flat design for it. Even if it is a desktop application this type of design could be good (from my actual point of view).

    Does anyone already did this and did not get user confused as not beeing a web application or mobile one?
    If already experienced with it, was it done only with style definition or also needed other behavior to provide maybe expected feature available on web design/mobile not available simply on desktop approach?


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    Windows 8 store apps are all done like that so user familiarity with it will undoubtedly grow. As for acceptance - I don't know. Some love it. Some hate it. I guess we need more time for a clear overview.

    Anyway, although it's possible to do it with widgets and stylesheets, it's not trivial to implement various transitions etc.
    Those UIs tend to have more animated state transitions, flickable lists and all sorts of non-standard, gesture driven controls. For this QtQuick seems to be equipped a lot better.

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