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Expanding an mdiarea subwindow to center of screen

  • Hello,

    I have a general design process problem that I was someone could help me out with. I currently have an mdiarea as my main screen It consists of about 5 subwindows. I want each subwindow to have the following neat capability. Each subwindow should be able to (upon a click of a button or some other signal, doesnt really matter for this discussion) create an in-focus replica of itself in the center of the screen and display the entire mdiarea in the background as out of focus. But that is not all. I want this replica to be larger than the original in the mdiarea. This includes the text, images, everything. The purpose of this is simply to create a zoomed subwindow feature on the selected subwindow from the mdiarea in case the subwindow is all the user is concerned with. When they want to go back to the mdiarea the just trigger another signal that destroys the zoomed in replica and gives focus back to the main screen with the mdiarea. I don't want to go to a separate page in this feature, I think it would aesthetically look better if the zoomed window was over the original mdiarea in the background. If anyone has any ideas or examples that they can post that does this I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks ahead of time!

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