Qt Media Encoding Library 1.0 alpha2 available!

  • Hi everyone

    I want to present you my own Qt library, here is description:

    QtMEL is a Qt library that wraps Libav, OpenCV and RtAudio libraries and allows you easily grab your desktop screen, your cameras, your audio input devices and finally encode audio/video streams.

    Platform: currently only Windows (Linux version is partially done)
    License: LGPL
    Current version: 1.0 Alpha2
    Website: http://kibsoft.ru
    Source code: "Here":https://github.com/kibsoft/QtMEL
    Issue tracker: "Here":https://github.com/kibsoft/QtMEL/issues
    Ready to use build: "Here":http://goo.gl/1n6yH
    Examples(binaries): "Here":http://goo.gl/sOMgX

    Key features

    • desktop screen capture with variable frame rate
    • web-cameras capture with variable frame rate
    • changing the image source on the fly (screen<->camera) while recording a video
    • audio input devices capture
    • video encoding with variable and fixed frame rate
    • audio encoding

    For more information go to the website above.


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    Looks good :)

  • Thanks :)

    Btw, are there any ffmpeg/video encoding/audio encoding gurus?
    I have an idea to store codec presets like I do in the examples:

    @//x264 loseless fast preset
    VideoCodecSettings settings;
    settings.setPartitions(EncoderGlobal::I4x4 | EncoderGlobal::P8x8);

    I have found that preset there: https://code.google.com/p/bencos/source/browse/trunk/out/presets/?r=156

    But I want to store presets for codecs other than H264 too and this is a reason why I need help.

  • I have great news! Today I want to offer you the next version of Qt Media Encoding Library - 1.0 Alpha2.


    • Linux support (tested on Ubuntu 12.04)
    • Qt5 support
    • Fixed crashes, small bugs and etc.

    Here are ready to use packages for Windows and Linux:

    Just unpack it and add paths to your .pro file.

    You must install them by turns. After that you can just include needed headers to our project.

    NOTE: Not all dependencies are included to the "Requires" section of debs, so no guarantee that it will work on systems other than Ubuntu 12.04. In this case you should install required packages manually.

    Sorry for that, these packages are just for test. I think I will put it in order when I have more free time.

    If you have any suggestions I will be glad to know :)

  • Thanks for your libraries, could this libs support mobiles?

  • I'm not sure about that, but I think it is not simple to build all the stuff for mobiles. Maybe be in future this feature will be available. Thanks for the response :)
    [quote author="stereomatching" date="1372390497"]Thanks for your libraries, could this libs support mobiles?[/quote]

  • Hi, congratulations for the job done. Is there any chance to have the source code you have used to generate .deb packages? I wasn't able to install .deb on my os. I tried to modify source code for Windows but i got some errors.
    Thank you in advance,

  • Superb Work

    Thank you

  • Hi, did you find a preset for libvpx + vorbis, I need to save the webcam stream as a webm or ogg video.
    I changed these lines in your CameraExample:


    But the app crashes when the recording starts. Help please.

  • Sorry, I can't help you :( This crash is related to the backend (Libav) and I don't know a way to solve it. Because of such unexpected crashes I have freezed the development of QtMEL.

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