QtScriptEngine and QtScriptDebugger information

  • Hello,

    I've been traying to make some implementation using QtScript and QScriptDebugger, but I wonder if ayone have information regarding the following topic:

    When using the function attachTo() of QtScriptDebugger, in the documentation it says that it sets a "custom" QScriptAgent, to the ScriptEngine, and that if I would like to have more monitoring regarding my script execution I should create a Proxy Agent and fordward the required events to this "custom" Script Agent set by the ScriptDebugger to the ScriptEngine.

    So how can I make or implement this kind of proxy agent to forward the events? I think I get the main idea/concept behind this stuff, but I just can't find any example or deeper information on the web and I haven't figured it out yet, so that's why I am asking for some help.

    Hopefully someone has some information regarding this topic!

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello Just to mention that I solved my issue with some concept easier than implementing the so called "proxy Agent"

    My issue :
    Using the script engine debugger I could not see the code inside my imported extensions, I could only see the line number as I tried to step into this imported functions.

    I was importing my extensions BEFORE I use the function attachTo() of QScriptEngine to attach the QScriptDebugger.

    Background is that QScriptDebugger sets a Custom QScriptAgent as soon as it is attached to the ScriptEngine.

    What I only did is attach the QScriptEngineDebugger FIRST and then I import the extensions, by doing that the custom Agent is available when the extensions are imported and everything else (stepping into, Loaded script list, stack) works just fine inside the Debugger Widget.

    In case someone runs into kind of problem in the future I this worked for me :D

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