Qtcreator add linux device, ssh password always rejected

  • Hi,

    I am trying to setup qt-creator for remote debugging on my beagleboard and raspberry pi.

    When I try to add a "generic linux device" in "Tools -> Options -> Devices" , the connection test always results in:

    Connecting to host...
    SSH connection failure: Server rejected password.

    From the command line, I can ssh to the device without any problem, using the same username and password. I even tried to connect to another linux desktop i.so. the raspberry pi, which gives the same result: password rejected. I also tried it at work to rule out a network issue, same problem.

    In the messages file of the targets I see this report:
    1970-01-01T01:36:02.570853+00:00 raspberrypi sshd[19798]: Received disconnect from 11: [preauth]

    I left the "SSH port", "Free ports", "Timeout" fields all at their default value.

    Is there something I am missing?
    Thanks in advance for any clues.

    platform used:
    Host: openSuse 12.3 64bit, QtCreator 2.7.1 based on Qt 4.8.4.
    firewall disabled

    Target: raspberry pi, openSuse 12.3 ARM port

  • I installed dropbear on the target next to the already installed openssh and now it works.

    I will submit a bug report anyway, because first of all, why does it work only with dropbear, and secondly, if there is a good reason for that, it should be clearly mentioned in the GUI and/or user manual. Currently it is not mentioned in either of them.

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